Know Your Dispute Rights

Scam Recovery is an expert in complex card-not-present transaction disputes and has recovered millions of dollars for consumers worldwide.

We provide excellent dispute resolution advice to our clients that helps banks reduce investigation and processing time.

Disputes involving authorized transactions are complex. Every year, many of the institutions that govern your rights to dispute change their policies. Scam Recovery clients gain from our team’s knowledge and expertise to fight for the best possible outcome.

The Added Value of Working with Scam Recovery

Cardholders Have Rights

Visa,® Mastercard® and all other card companies provide consumers with the right to dispute charges. We will explain to you what they are and how to make use of them so that you have the best possible chance of getting your money back.

We'll Tell You the Truth Upfront

If your case does not meet the criteria for a chargeback, we’ll tell you up-front. And if there is a more appropriate or affordable solution available, we’ll tell you what it is beforehand.

Quick Processing

Credit card companies impose strict deadlines for submitting chargeback requests. There is no way around them. We know how fast the clock is ticking, and we’ll make sure that you won’t miss the train.

What if the Merchant Disagrees?

The merchant may very well object to your chargeback in a written response called a representment. That’s why it’s vital right from the start to proceed with the most appropriate chargeback strategy. We know how to design it so that it fits your case like a glove.
Next Level Concierge Services

Strategic Fund Recovery Consultation We Are All In

Our strategies and expertise combine to make them care! Credit card disputes are serious and credit card chargebacks warrant professional advice.
  • Fraud vs. Service-Related Disputes

  • Assisting Banks to Understand Your Side

  • Second Chargebacks - The Next Chapter

  • Authorized Transactions - Know Your Rights

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